Free on loan Equipment

Better for the environment
and no recycling costs

Saves fridge space
and no stocking time

Benefits of using post mix:

Upto 100% better
margins over
packaged goods

Add ice to increase
margins further

Ease of up-selling 
to larger cups

Saves fridge space
and no stocking time

Interaction with

Better for the
environment and
no recycling costs


SUGAR TAX – We have sorted it so you dont have to…

As you will all be aware there has been a lot of comment this year about the government implementing a sugar tax in the near future on all soft drink products.

We have been working with our Flavour House for alternative recipes and have now developed a new Sugar Free or reduced sugar drinks with all the original taste and in some cases even better..

After blind tasting and market research we now have all of our own brand drinks ready for the new market place.

As a customer of Cuda Drinks you do not have to do anything, all our own branded drinks are now compliant, again protecting and maximising your post mix profits..

New Products

Cuda Drinks is able to supply a comprehensive range of post mix products including many of the country’s leading brand names.

As well as a market leading range of products we are proud of our first class, friendly local service via our nationwide distributor network.

As a customer, you can look forward to offering a range of products that suits your establishment whether that be a well known brand or a quality nichols dispense alternative.

How ordering is Simple with Cudadrinks, day or night

Placing your weekly could not be quicker or easier with Cudadrinks online ordering system.

Entering your Customer number provides your own customised list of products and confirms your allocated order date.

3 years ago
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Happy New Year from us all at Cuda Drinks Co.

3 years ago
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Wishing you all a Merry Christmas from Cuda Drinks Co.

3 years ago
Holidays are Coming! The classic Christmas advert from Coca-Cola

December has arrived, it's official........

Watch out, look around, something’s coming, coming to town! The Coca-Cola Christmas truck is appearing once more on TV screens across the nation, which can m...

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