About Cuda Drinks

Cuda Drinks is an independent company launched in 2006. Cuda Drinks is the South West’s distributor for the Nichols Dispense network who have been quenching the nations thirst since 1967. Back then the company was a small manufacturing operation based in Preston named Cabana Soft Drinks, manufacturing a small portfolio of bag in box ingredients and supplying a limited equipment range to publicans and club owners.

The first dispense format soft drink was invented in 1886 by John Pemberton. Following a number of different recipes and developments the first post-mix systems were introduced in 1964.

As the soft drinks market grew, so did Cabana as the range of products and equipment were developed and expanded to meet demand.

Today Nichols Dispense is the third largest supplier of dispense soft drinks in the UK, with a full range of products and brands, state-of the-art equipment and undoubtedly the best technical and customer service support in the industry.

Combining successful products, the most popular brands, reliable and high quality dispense equipment and the very highest commitment to quality, service and support, Cuda Drinks is the refreshing choice.

The company’s distributor network covers the whole of the South West from Land’s End to Taunton and beyond, exclusively supplying Nichols Dispense’s range of post mix drinks systems and ingredients.

Customers range from national and regional accounts in pub, club, retail, fast food, healthcare, education, leisure and hospitality sectors to name but a few.

Anywhere where you wish to serve a wide range of drinks, but save on space and storage we are confidant that Cuda Drinks Co’s drinks range can meet your requirements.

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